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Welcome to Amethyst serviced apartments in Electronics city Bangalore. We offer spacious and cost-effective alternatives to a restrictive hotel room.
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+ Air Conditioned Rooms and Apartments
+ High Speed Wireless Internet Connection
+ In-house Restaurant
+ Laundry Facility
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Electronics City Bangalore

Electronics City is the IT hub of India’s Silicon Valley -- Bangalore. And Amethyst Serviced Apartments and Villas offers travellers a comfortable and convenient alternative to expensive hotel rooms.

Whether you are in the city on business or on a family holiday, for a few days or for a few weeks, you’ll find our serviced apartments aesthetically and comfortably designed. If you plan to relocate to the city or are on the lookout for permanent accommodation, Amethyst Serviced Apartments will provide you with an ideal home-away-from-home in the interim.

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Amethyst offers fully-furnished accommodation ranging from a single bedroom to three-bedroom apartments with best-in-class amenities like air-conditioned bedrooms, well-equipped kitchenettes, Wi-fi internet access, and more. All our serviced residences are professionally maintained with a round-the-clock attendant.

All our facilities – Amethyst Apartments, Amethyst Villas and Amethyst Central – are located in Electronics City Phase 1 and are less than 1.5 Km from some of Bangalore’s biggest companies like Infosys, HCL Technologies, Siemens, Velankani, Patni Computers, HP and Deutsche Bank. The Electronics City Phase 2 campus that houses TCS and Satyam is around 2 km from our properties.

About Bangalore City

Few Cities in the World have the power to attract and motivate a casual visitor to move there permanently. Bangalore is one of those rare cities which makes people who are new to the City to call themselves proud Bangaloreans.

Bangalore, a real cool place on Planet Earth is the capital of Karnataka, a major state in the southern part of India. It is indeed cool - the people, the place and of course the weather. This website is dedicated to people visiting Bangalore. This site not only offers information about hotels in electronics city Bangalore but also offers information useful to tourists visiting Bangalore and includes information on hotels in Bangalore and serviced apartment in Bangalore.

Bangalore is unique in many ways. It has the most pleasant weather througout the year which got itself the name "Pensioner's Paradise". It is the only cosmopolitan and multilingual city in the country which has welcomed everyone who wanted to make Bangalore their home and this speaks of the hospitable nature of the Bangaloreans. Bangalore which was only a city known within India a couple of decades ago has now found its place in the World Map because of the export of software and software professionals to the entire world. Bangalore is now on everybody's tour itinerary while visiting India and we have made a sincere attempt to provide all the necessary information both to tourists and residents of Bangalore. If there is any information which you feel should find a place in this website, please drop us a line and we would certainly consider it.

Bangalore city is now the nerve centre of industrial activity in the state with the presence of several Public Sector Undertakings. The Electronics City in Bommasandra and the Software Technology Park, called the IT Park, which has come up on the outskirts of the city, has earned the reputation of being the "Silicon" Valley of India. Many multinational and Indian companies are represented here. Ranked among the 10 fastest growing cities in the world, Bangalore has many on-going and proposed projects in the industrial and Information Technology sectors. The city has slowly found a place in the country's history and off recently a place on the world map. Today Bangalore is India's fifth largest and the fastest growing city in Asia.

Bangalore promises top-notch hospitality to its visitors in the form of its many luxury hotels. The five star hotels in Bangalore wrap their guests with all the silken luxuries imaginable. These hotels also have all the high-quality technological requirements to cater to the needs of their business guests. At the same time there are many 4 star and 3 star hotels in Bangalore that care of the accommodation needs of the travelers. For those who want cheap accommodation options there are various budget hotels in Bangalore that assure stay at affordable prices. So, of you are looking for a business hotel in Bangalore or a 5 Star hotel in bangalore, we will help you choose the right one. Bangalore also offers a number of serviced apartments for those who prefer a homely atmosphere.


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